Student Spotlight – Meredith Wingerson

Before RSC_1248 (1)Duquesne: I graduated from Limestone College, in South Carolina, with a Business degree and majors in management and marketing. Then have worked in retail management for the last three years.

Why Duquesne: I was looking for a Green MBA program and Duquesne had one of the best. This program also offered the opportunity to work hands on with several companies, which was a huge draw for me.

Beyond Duquesne: I would like to work for a non-profit and would love to work in the area of conservation.

Interesting Fact About You: I played soccer in college.

Student Spotlight – Ronna Peacock Pratt

BeforeRonna Photo Duquesne: Prior to Duquesne I obtained my bachelors degree in Anthropology with a concentration in Archaeology, Italian minor, and global studies certificate from the University of Pittsburgh. After graduation, I took over as manager of operations and catering at Food for Thought New York Style Deli and Custom Catering, where I worked for three years before applying for my MBA.

Why Duquesne: The sustainability concentration offered at the Duquesne business school is what first attracted me to the program. The program was appealing because I can complete it in only one year.

Beyond Duquesne: My interests lie in sustainable urban redevelopment.

Interesting Fact: I currently operate a small home cupcake business called Little Cakes (


Last Day for Up to Us Pledge to Address the National Debt


THe team of Jacob, Dan, Jamie, Nayan and Peter at the TacoBoutDebt event.

Duquesne’s Net Impact has advanced to the finals in a national competition to raise awareness about the national debt and we’re only a few pledges shy of national recognition and prize money.   

There is still time to sign the pledge.  Go here and keep Duquesne at the top of the leaderboard!
Last week, Duquesne MBA students kicked off our “TacoBoutDebt” campaign with free tacos for students who signed the pledge.  Many students were surprised by the debt per person of $56,600, that all of us have inherited.  As one student remarked, “If this is the financial situation of our country, are we still the greatest nation in the world?”
Congratulations to Jamie, Peter, Jacob, Dan and Nayan on a great event!


Student Spotlight – Jacob Bethem

Before ohiopyle6Duquesne: I have a BS in biology from the University of Pittsburgh – Greensburg, a BA in philosophy and MSM in Lean Management from St. Vincent College and an MA in philosophy from the University of Tennessee. I have taught philosophy at the University of Tennessee, the Art Institute, Westmoreland County Community College and the University of Pittsburgh Greensburg.

Why Duquesne: I chose Duquesne because of the program’s focus on ethics. Also, I wanted the opportunity to study environmental sustainability with Dr. Robert Sroufe.

Beyond Duquesne: After graduation I would like to work in consulting, a think tank or maybe run for office one day. I would also like to be able to one day live off the grid.

Interesting fact about you: I like to boulder from time to time

Student Spotlight – Sarah Jilbert

Before DJilbert picuquesne:  I came to Duquesne directly from my undergrad, Ohio Wesleyan University, where I majored in Economics Management and Environmental Studies. Before the program I had several internships focused in the non-profit sector. I’m originally from the Cleveland, Ohio area.

Why Duquesne:I looked only at MBA programs focused on sustainability. The program doesn’t just cover environmental sustainability, but develops understandings of social, financial, and community sustainability as well. I chose Duquesne’s program because it is so well ranked, provides international experience, and integrates real client projects into the curriculum.

Beyond Duquesne: TBD… but something awesome!

Interesting Fact: I’ve been a figure skater since the age of three. ​

Spring Consulting Project

We are excited to announce our Spring Project Clients! This semester we will be working with the following organizations on a variety of process improvement challenges.

  • Circadiance: Quantify emerging trends for the adult CPAP mask market and forecast commercial potential for line extensions
  • Class-G: Analyze tools and processes for improving health, productivity and environmental impact of commercial properties and recommend refinements to the Class-G platform
  • UPMC: Evaluate external performance tools and measures and recommend best practices for leveraging sustainability in an integrated healthcare organization
  • US Steel: Identify industry benchmarks and prepare a best-in-class assessment for the new sustainability director
  • Washington Energy Services: Evaluate opportunities for leveraging sustainability and renewable energy with commercial and industrial customers

All six organizations gave us complex and challenges projects. This opportunity is exciting as well as a little daunting.

Check back for updates about how the projects are going throughout the semester!