Student Spotlight – Mindy Kuth

Mindy Kuth

Background – Prior to joining the class, Mindy was a Peace Corps volunteer. She spent three years in Central Mexico as a small business advisor working with entrepreneurs in business planning and operations. Mindy also has experience in the consulting field where she worked in investor relations and ran a conference division focusing on the small and mid cap banking industry.

Why she chose Duquesne – Mindy chose Duquesne specifically for the program’s focus on sustainability. Additionally, a Peace Corps fellowship was available for the program.

Career Interests/Goals – Social impact investing, non-profit, working for a company focused on triple bottom line results.

Personal – Mindy is an avid mountain biker and cyclist. She has spent lots of time volunteering for parks and advocating sustainable recreation/trails. Mindy bikes to class everyday and even plans to do so throughout winter! (She claims there is no bad weather, just bad gear.)


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