Graduate Business School with a Liberal Arts Undergraduate Degree.

Finance, Accounting, Statistics. Welcome to Business School. As an undergraduate Political Science major I was extremely nervous about taking graduate level courses focusing on topics in which I have no background.

About half of the students in our cohort have a business undergraduate degree. Some have had careers in the accounting and financial fields prior to joining the class. So how do the rest of us handle it?

Study. What takes some 3-4 hours to complete during the week sometimes takes me 10-15. Also, I have learned not to be afraid to ask questions, seek my professors during office hours, or practice extra problems. More important than anything, though, is not being afraid to ask your classmates who do have experience in the field for help.

In fact, understanding the strengths of your classmates is key to getting the most out of the program. Someone good with numbers may need help with presentations. Someone good at writing may struggle with graphing. Using your peers is your best strength and a skill that will surely translate into the professional field.


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