Student Spotlight – Mike Holovak


Mike is a native of Pittsburgh by way of Peters Township. He is a Duquesne Alumni, graduating with a dual degree in Journalism and Digital Media Arts from the McAnulty School of Arts. Before returning to Duquesne for the sMBA program, Mike worked for a media company that is the leader in closed captioning services for television.

Why he Chose Duquesne: During undergrad, Mike took a trip to Austria, Germany, and France as part of a summer course and became interested in the sustainability practices of the companies he visited while there. Around this time is when the sMBA program was started at Duquesne, and Mike kept his eye on the program. After seeing the program’s success and talking with the faculty, he decided to return to his alma mater.

Career Interests: Media Management, Social Media and Marketing, General Business Management, Corporate Sustainability

Personal: Mike claims he is an “unabashed technology geek and loves messing with the newest gadgets. I also love sports and am an avid golfer and fisherman. I read as often as I can and love brain teasers of all kinds.”


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