Students Gear up for the 5th Annual Beard Sustainability Symposium

On November 10th, The Beard Institute and Donahue Graduate School of Business at Duquesne University will host the 5th annual Beard Symposium on Sustainability.

Our sMBA class will be at the symposium as both attendees and participants. Gearing up for the symposium, our teams have created posters to be on display that address key topics in the sustainability space. Posters on topics such as tracking scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions, life cycle analysis, carbon disclosure, water scarcity, microfinance, and food supply chain challenges will be on display throughout the day. We will be spending time at these posters to answer questions and will be attending the many speakers and presentations.

The keynote speaker is Peter Senge, coauthor of The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization and The Necessary Revolution.

Ted Senko, Global Chief Executive, Climate Change and Sustainability Services at KPMG, Chris Park, Principal of Sustainability, Energy and Environment Practice, Deloitte, and Zoe Tcholak-Antitch, Director, North America, Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) USA will also be speaking. The afternoon’s keynote address will come from Jean Sweeney, Vice President, Environmental Health Safety and Sustainability Operations, 3M.

As a student, this is an exciting opportunity to network and engage with people that have careers in the sustainability space. Additionally, this symposium has a “systems thinking” approach. Having taken a course in systems, I am eager and interested to see its applicability in a non-classroom environment.

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