Student Spotlight – Kimberly Alberts

Background: Kimberly Alberts grew up in Tyrone, Georgia and attended Georgia Tech completing her undergraduate in mechanical engineering. She completed a co-op program which focused on design engineering. After graduating, Kim worked in OEM manufacturing and helped engineer products for Ford and the military. Kim then worked as a process engineer with a construction company.

Why she chose Duquesne: While working as a process engineer, Kimberly was able to get some hands on experience with sustainability in the construction world. Upon learning about Duquesne, she thought this would be a good program to complement her engineering degree and sustainability interests. Additional selling points included the travel abroad opportunities and the city of Pittsburgh itself.

Career Interests: Engineering Design, Product Development, Sustainable Processes

Personal: Kimberly was valedictorian of her high school in Tyrone, Georgia. She likes to sew, cook and travel (and wishes she had time to do more of these things during the program). Her past travels include Germany, France, England, Belgium, and Canada.


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