Students visit Start-Up Revive Station

If you visit the offices of Revive Station, a start-up in Pittsburgh’s South Side you will find a ping-pong table, motorcycles inside the office, a bicycle roped to the ceiling, even a few samurai swords. You will also find twenty somethings who are on the career adventure of a lifetime.

Recently, our class took a visit to the offices of Revive Station. Revive station is the world’s first individual bottle cleaning & filling and multivitamin dispensing kiosk. They provide reusable bottle cleaning, filtered water & flavored drink dispensing, and a daily multivitamin. All of these services are entirely free– including one double-wall stainless steel reusable bottle – made possible by sponsors through highly-targeted messaging, advertisements, and offers. Revive Stations will be placed at colleges, universities, businesses, and fitness centers in March 2012.

CEO Tom Petrini, an alumnus of the program, discussed candidly the struggles of starting a company and taking big career risks. He spoke of the process of finding investors and what was involved in physically developing the Revive Station. Blake Barnes works on the business development and sales side of Revive and spoke about the importance of networking to get meetings with decision makers of the company. His advice was to not be afraid to walk into a room with C-level executives that may be twice your age. If you have a good product and sound presentation, they will listen. The four also spoke about the risks of leaving stable jobs with large companies to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. Jason and Steve spoke about family and friends reactions to going to work for a startup company.

Throughout our program, we get to experience many site visits, client projects, and guest speaker sessions. Revive Station was a refreshing environment and inspiring for those students with an entrepreneurial spirit. Being able to contrast this company with some of the larger companies we visited was a great way to get a feel for the type of work environment students want to look for post-graduation.

Revive Station will launch its product at ten locations in March 2012. The team is very excited to start seeing the feedback, usage, and most importantly, success of their product.

For more information, visit Revive station at


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