ChoosePAWind Press Conference

Yesterday, ChoosePAWind held a press conference at Duquesne University to announce the launch of its website and the importance of choosing Pennsylvania Wind Power.
Katy Belleza, Marketing Manager for Everpower Wind, introduced the new ChoosePAWind website as well as the speakers for the conference.
The diversified list of speakers discussed the environmental, economic, and social importance of choosing local wind energy. Duquesne University is proud to be one of the leaders in choosing PA Wind and sustainability as a whole. Currently, the campus generates 80% of its power using an on-site cogeneration facility. The other 20% is now purchased from Pennsylvania wind energy providers.
John Hanger, former head of PA’s department of energy, spoke to the importance of choosing an energy supplier. He drove home the point that if you don’t choose your supplier you are choosing the status quo. It is when consumers choose suppliers that they are able to ChoosePAWind and clean energy.
Choosing wind is important but choosing local wind is what really drives home the sustainability movement. Supporting local wind projects helps the Pennsylvania community in terms of jobs, resources, and air quality.

This semester, my project team is working with EverPower Wind to research and forecast future energy demands and how wind will play a part in this new energy landscape. The conference left our team feeling eager and excited to be doing a project in an ever changing and growing industry.


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