MBA Students participate in live value-mapping workshop at Deloitte

By: Steven Opar

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On Friday February 3, 2012, MBA Sustainability students and one of our consulting course instructors (Diane Ramos) participated in a hands-on Idea Cafe at Deloitte’s Pittsburgh headquarters, gaining insight to how the international consulting giant “helps clients with their toughest challenges” by aligning solutions to the C-suite priorities of their clients.

Our Deloitte hosts were two Duquesne University Business School alumni — Brad Johnson, Relationship Senior Manager, and Stacey Puskar, a Senior Management Consultant. Amy Holmes, a Pittsburgh-based Deloitte recruiter, also participated and took the time to meet with students who are interested in consulting careers.

Johnson introduced a method that Deloitte uses to identify solution paths for a particular project. He demonstrated how Deloitte’s “Enterprise Value Map” and a matrix technique are used to place a value on alternative solutions. We were then divided into small working groups and guided through a food industry case study where we applied the techniques to come up with recommendations for enhancing revenue, raising operating profits, and using assets more efficiently.

The time spent with Deloitte will benefit us as we work on our second consulting projects. We will have new techniques for identifying “value levers” and “decision criteria” and for helping our clients “determine which actions should get energy behind them.” We also learned what Deloitte values in an applicant, and some of us enjoyed promising “face time” with a well-regarded employer of MBA graduates.


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