Bitte. Danke. Sprechen Sie Englisch?

Greetings from Germany! Today is our third day in the city of Cologne. We arrived early Friday morning and have spent the weekend enjoying some sight seeing, walking tours, German foods, and the nightlife of Cologne.

On Friday we spent the day walking around and getting a lay for the land. The city of Cologne is a mixture of old German architecture and post WWII architecture. There is a huge Cathedral in the center of the city that is one of the most breathtaking things I have ever seen.

Out of the other European countries I have been to, this is the first place that I have not ran into any other Americans. This is a great experience as it is very easy to stay inside your comfort zone by finding other Americans abroad. Fortunately, most Germans speak English and are happy to in exchange for some attempt at saying please or thank you in their language.

Yesterday we went to see Cologne play Leverkusen in soccer. The two teams are a huge rivarly. The Leverkusen fans had to be police escorted into the stadium and had their own fenced off section to prevent any fighting. The cheers and chants of both team throughout the game made it quite an experience though our “home” team Cologne did not win.

Beginning tomorrow we will be touring many different businesses and meeting MBA students from the Cologne Business School. More to come…


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