Emitec and RWE visits

Just got back from a wonderful dinner with the cohort, our director Tom and his wife, and our many hosts from the Cologne School of Business.  It was a nice evening and great way to reflect on the last two days of business meetings.

Yesterday, our group visited German company Emitec.  Emitec hosted a chat about their core business, catalytic converters, and opportunities for their business and products to clean air emissions.  The conversation was very refreshing as our speaker focused mainly on sustainability from a human health perspective and was not as interested in the environmental aspects.  Our cohort enjoyed hearing this perspective and realized the importance of being able to speak sustainability to people that have varied opinions and ideas about the concept.

After visiting Emitec, we headed to Cologne School of Business for a mixer with some MBA students.  We are looking forward to seeing them again later this week.

Today we went to RWE, an energy utility company in Germany.  We toured a power plant and met with executives from the organization who spoke on everything from renewables, to lignite fuels and the banning of Nuclear in Germany.  As an energy buff, I must admit this has been my favorite business trip thus far.

Tomorrow we are heading to Dusseldorf to hear a panel discussion about sustainability hosted by Proffesor Linda O’Riordan, a sustainability specialist.

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