Leverkusen, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt

Hello all and Happy March!

We have spent the last two days in Cologne and are now in Frankfurt until Saturday. Yesterday we joined Cologne Business School students for a conference at their school’s U2B week (University to Business). We discussed electric vehicles, smart homes, and carbon neutrality opportunities for companies. This panel discussion went very well and had lots of times for questions. We then headed to Dusseldorf for another panel discussion with the FOM University.
Today we toured the Bayer headquarters for the day in Leverkusen before heading to Frankfurt. We began with a discussion from the head of sustainability and then took a tour of their museum as well as their campus. The sheer size of the organization as well as its focus on sustainability, social responsibility and work/life balance of employees were all very impressive.
This evening we went out in Frankfurt for a nice dinner. I must say I am not a big fan of the German food but other classmates have been enjoying it. Tomorrow is a free day of touring and sight-seeing in Frankfurt before we head home. More pictures to come later when I charge my camera.


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