Practicing What We Preach

Today, our cohort helped plant over 400 trees along a river bike trail in Pittsburgh’s South Side neighborhood. This volunteer effort was to help offset our carbon footprint from international study trips to Germany, Scandinavia, and Brazil.

In class, we learn of the importance in businesses taking responsibility for all Scopes of their emissions (including Scope 3 which accounts for employee transport and travel). As students, we realize the importance of taking into account our Scope 3 emissions as well. Planting trees aids in offsetting the emissions from air travel.

Our sustainability professors, Dr. Sroufe and Diane Ramos joined the class in support of our efforts. Dr. Sroufe commented, “Given their schedules, it’s is great to see SMBAs plugged into clean-up projects and tree plantings, networking with industry professionals such as those with us today from FedEx, and giving some of their time and effort to a cause that will live on well after they have graduated. This event will be something we can show future applicants that come to campus.”

The day was made possible by organizations including Tree Pittsburgh, FedEx, REI, TreeVitalize Pittsburgh, and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. Our classmate, Peter Greninger, arranged the day for our class. Thanks Peter!

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