Student Spotlight – Zach Stern

Background info: Zach is originally from Germantown, Tennessee (a suburb of Memphis). He received his bachelor’s degree in Spanish & World Business from the University of Tennessee. Following graduation, he moved to Nashville and completed a year-long Sales Manager Trainee program with Macy’s. After the trainee program, he relocated to Cincinnati, and was a Sales Manager for two years.

Why he chose Duquesne: Zach decided he wanted to pursue a master’s degree with a business foundation and sustainability emphasis after being inspired by both a nature center internship and the courses he took toward a geology minor while at UT.

Career Interests/Goals: managing sustainability goals for a company and educating others on the importance of sustainability

Personal: Zach is an avid runner and completed his first half marathon in 2011. He enjoys travel and the opportunity to see new cities and countries. Zach is a trivia buff via Sporcle quiz making, bar trivia, and his overall thirst for knowledge.


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