Brazil Trip Updates

By: Zach Stern

Óla from beautful Brazil! 15 members of the cohort and 4 faculty members have arrived safely in Brazil. We are currently in one of the world´s largest cities, Sao Paulo.

When we arrived on Saturday, we went straight to Ilhabela (Portuguese for ´´beautiful island´´). The island off the Brazilian coast is a mix of rainforest, mountain, beach, and beautiful blue waters. We spent the first day biking around the island and took a dip in the ocean. The next day we took a jeep ride through the rainforest to the other side of the island. There we played on the beach and in the ocean before we set out on a hike into the jungle to see a 250 foot waterfall. Following the hike we took a boat back around the island and headed to Sao Paulo. This bustling city is the business center of Brazil. We have developed a partnership with Fundacao Getulio Vargas (FGV), a large university in the city. Yesterday we spent the day on campus with students and faculty. Our cohort agrees that the highlight of the day was playing the board game ´´Celsius´´ which involves reducing carbon from the atmosphere while earning as much money as you can. The game was an excellent lesson in reducing carbon emissions, managing an enterprise, and learning Portuguese, as the game was in Portuguese. We also had the pleasure of listening to a lecture from Jorge Soto, Vice President of Sustainable Development for Braskem, Brazil´s largest petro-chemical company. The lecture was interactive and interesting. Mr. Soto shared with us many ways in which plastic can be a sustainable solution for the world (such as using it in place of wood pallets). Today we will be visiting the Sao Paulo Museum of Art, taking part in an interactive innovation workshop with FGV, and finishing the day with dinner at an authentic Brazilian churrascaria.

We miss our other half who, from what we have heard, is having a blast in Scandinavia.

Tchau for now!


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