Scandinavia Beginnings

Greetings from Scandinavia!!

Our half of the cohort began travels on Sunday, May 6th and arrived in Lund, Sweden on Monday.
We have been spending most of our time in nearby Copenhagen, Denmark. Early in the week we enjoyed sight-seeing, exploring, and dining in Copenhagen and Lund.

Sustainability is everywhere in Scandinavia. Windmills are abundant in both the country side and off-shore. Fair Trade, Organic, Eco-Friendly can be seen in retail stores, public transportation and the city streets of both Sweden and Denmark. Our class has specifically noticed the amount of people that ride bicycles in both Copenhagen and Lund. Men and women young and old, can be found riding bikes throughout these cities. It is not uncommon to see people biking in suits and dresses – we even saw parents with children in bike attachments.

Our class took a canal tour in Copenhagen on Tuesday. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed a tour of the city via the water. So far the food has been fantastic. I’ve eaten herring, prawn, cod, salmon, and mussels. The seafood is fresh, much of it is local, and a consciousness of sustainability is very present in the restaurant scene.

Check out this quick video I put together of some of our sight-seeing so far. Many more videos and photos to come!


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