Sustainable Copenhagen

While our cohort visited many of the traditional castles and monuments, we also spent time seeking out sustainable must-see places in this green city. Below are some highlights of our findings thanks to Dr. Spangler and Dr. Pike’s research on the area.

.8Tallet/8House – A residential building in Orestad, Denmark. This building was dreamt by architects from the Bjarke Ingels Group. This urban space seeks to accommodate people of all stages of life with townhouses, courtyards, apartments, balconies, penthouses and roof terraces. Commercial facilities are on the ground floor. The building has a path around the entire perimeter of the building making easy access for the many bikers of Denmark. It utilizes day-lighting, natural landscaping, low maintenance exterior materials, and overall design efficiency. Close to the metro and with plenty of access for bikers, this building is home to many who work in the Orestad region

VM Bjerget/Mountain Dwelling – This unique residential/parking building featured an aesthetic mountain slope exterior to cover its parking garage. Rather than taking up space with a parking lot or disturbing the neighborhood scenary, the architects at Bjarke Ingels group instead added to the landscape a building with unique design.

Green Lighthouse – Part of University of Copenhagen, the Green Lighthouse is Denmark’s first public C02 neutral building. This area for students of the Science departments features space of study, socializing, meetings and career advice. Day-lighting, ventilation shafts, and solar storage are just a few of the many aspects that makes this building one of the most sustainable of its kind.

Green Roofs at Rigsarkivet – Nestled between a Congress center and Bank, are 7,200 square meters of green roof space. This is for use for the local workers as well as the public. It is a recreation space of relaxing and sunbathing secluded from the noise of the city.


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