Lund University

This past Friday, our half of the cohort spent the day with students from the Lund University Masters in Sustainable Business Leadership program. Members of the class hosted the session for the day. From the very beginning, it was easy to see the similarities and differences between our programs.

Like Duquesne, Lund has a one year very intensive program that focuses on projects, traditional business coursework, and sustainability. The Lund students were from very diverse backgrounds including the countries of: Sweden, Belarus, Portugal, Spain, England, Germany, Canada, China, Bulgaria, America, Iceland and Russia. They all spoke incredible English and were very eager to have us participate in their class.

We broke out into groups and spent the day focusing on a sustainability oriented case and how different organizational behavior changes would affect strategy. We focused on topics including vision, empowering employees, cultural change, and technological change. The Lund students facilitated the entire day and used different ice-breakers, activities, and music to help us get to know each other.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet and work with the Lund students for the day. Through conversation, we learned a lot of Sweden’s culture and their society’s positive/supportive view of sustainability. In Sweden, the conversation surrounding climate change and global warming is not necessary because it is accepted as a truth. There is a strong push for sustainability and strong support from the government.

After a great day filled with activities, break-out sessions, and presentations, the class took us out to experience the Lund nightlife. Thanks for a great visit!

Check out some photos of the day on our Facebook page.


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