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We have been in Stockholm since Saturday. After a beautiful train ride through the Swedish countryside we arrived in our downtown hotel. Our classmate Aaron has a Swedish friend who invited us over for dinner at his parents’ house. We spent the evening eating delicious salmon, reindeer cheese, veggies, and sides while being hosted by Aaron’s friend Bo, his mother, and enjoying the company of some of Bo’s co-workers.

Yesterday, we spent the day touring Stockholm with an ex-pat that has found both a home and business venture in Stockholm, Shawn Westcott. Shawn set up a sustainability tour of Stockholm as well as some of the top site-seeing stops in the city. We toured the city by foot, metro, bike, and boat. We began at the Vasa museum which houses a salvaged warship from the 1600s. We then hopped on bikes and traveled through the city to the Rosendals Gardens which feature orchards, gardens, and an organic kitchen in which we enjoyed a 100% organic and local lunch.

Our bike tour then took us to the water where we hopped on a boat and saw Stockholm from the water. We learned of Stockholm’s focus on a clean city and a culture that appreciates the outdoors, exercise and the well-being of its people. I was amazed to learn that waters surrounding the city are so clean that you can go swimming in them.

Topping off our day was an all vegetarian “schmorgazbored” in the Halsans Hus, a collection of green/healthy lifestyle businesses. The views were breath-taking and the food was delicious.


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