Peru Pictures and Highlights from Zach

Here are some highlights from Peru as well as some beautiful pictures.  Thanks to Ben and Dana for letting me steal some pictures off of facebook.  Thanks Zach for the story about meeting Rudy’s family (see below)

“In Peru, we were invited to the home of the family of Rudy Molero, a Peruvian student in our cohort. Rudy’s family prepared an authentic Peruvian meal of lamb, chicken, various potatoes, a Peruvian drink called chicha, and more. The meal was incredible, but it was the experience that moved us all. Nobody will forget the smile on Rudy´s mother´s face and the loud scream of joy when she saw him pulling up to the door, and nobody will forget the strong embrace she gave each and every member of the cohort upon meeting us. It was a reminder of the true meaning of family. Family is not restricted to mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters; our cohort is family. Rudy is like a brother, and watching him visit with his family for the first time in almost a year was quite emotional. We had the privilege of hearing each member of Rudy’s family talk about their love for him, and we also heard about some of the challenges Rudy faced in coming to Duquesne. To make the night even better, Rudy’s closest friends told some great (and hilarious) stories about him. We are so grateful to have Rudy in our program. He has been a wonderful host in Peru.

While we have had many tremendous cultural and academic experiences during this trip, last night topped them all. We were honored to be invited into Rudy´s family’s home and want to thank him and his family for being such gracious hosts.”

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