Pirates Game Fun

Pictured Below from left to right: Rudy Molero, Emily Peterson, Dan Lagiovane, Ashley Jones, Maureen Coyle, JP Gibbons

Earlier this week many of the cohort members were able to enjoy club box seats at the Pirates Game thanks to EverPower Wind Holdings.  The tickets were a thank you to the 5 team members that worked on a semester long consulting project for the wind energy company.

The project focused on natural gas markets and competitive opportunities for wind energy. Team members included Ashley Jones, Emily Peterson, JP Gibbons, Rudy Molero and myself.  I can speak for the whole team in saying that this was a great opportunity to research natural gas, fracking, CNG vehicles, and energy policy.  Our team worked hard to create modeling tools that we could leave with the client in an attempt to predict both short term and long term pricing trends for natural gas.  Dealing with a complex market and ever-changing energy landscape allowed the team to develop skills and expertise in the area.

Our evening started off raining but the skies cleared up for a fun night of baseball and camaraderie despite the fact that the Pirates were unable to snag a win.

Thanks EverPower!


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