Alumni Spotlight, Laura Eloyan

Laura Eloyan, class of 2010, had an impressive list of accomplishments before adding an MBA from Duquesne University to her resume. With an undergraduate degree in international relations , she worked for the world’s largest HIV fundraiser, biked across the country, and spent her two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Republic of Zambia. Currently, she is a Public Health Analyst at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta. Her role involves providing managment and operations support for the Global Disease Detection Division, which deals with international emerging infectious disease. Moreover, she chairs a diversity committee and is the sustainability liaison for the Center for Global Health.

While her work deals exclusively with infectious disease overseas, she is interested in the relationship between the built environment and public health. Laura says “you can tell more about a person’s health from their zip code, than their genetic code.” Environmental factors play a large role in whether or not people have a chance to make healthy decisions. “The way that we are building our communities, everyone has to drive and often there is no access to healthy foods. We need communities that make it easy for people to walk and bike to everything they need.” Designing healthy communities goes a long way towards reducing the rates of obesity and national burden of disease associated with it.


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