StrengthsFinder Assessment

On Friday our cohort got to experience a StrengthsFinder workshop headed by an sMBA alum. , Erin Clymer, a leadership development manager at PNC, is certified to conduct StrengthsFinder Assessments. She was kind enough to spend an entire morning helping our cohort cultivate their strengths. It is great to have an alum offering us advice on teamwork since she was once in our shoes.

Prior to the workshop, each member of the cohort completed an online timed test to identify individual strengths. My top five were competition, consistency, discipline, focus, and harmony. None of these results was surprising, but reading the descriptions of each trait helped me realize how I interact with others on my team. It was very interesting to compare results with other. Our profiles described the team’s dynamics perfectly, but learning about the 34 different characteristics helped explain why some teams experience problems.

Erin explained that we may not know how to use our strengths successfully. While most people think of strengths as positive, we learned that our strengths can become handicaps. Competition, for example, can be a motivation to achieve goals or do one’s best, but it can hinder progress if people don’t finish or begin a project unless they think they can win. Competition is the number one strength for three out of the four members of my team, so this common trait could help or hurt us. After comparing our profiles, my team realized that our strengths can be great complements to each other if we leverage them wisely.


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