Idea Cafe With Gretchen Haggerty

On October 11, the cohort attended a breakfast idea café with Gretchen Haggerty, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of United States Steel Corporation.  Mrs. Haggerty earned her undergraduate degree from Case Western University and her JD from Duquesne and offered great insight on how Duquesne helped her reach her career goals.  

When asked for advice on how to succeed as a woman in a managerial role, Mrs. Haggerty remarked, “I give the same advice to women as men.  You really have to work hard.”

 “Having a sense of humor about yourself is good,” she added. “Do the best that you can and treat other people the way you want to be treated. You have to work with people that you might not like and who may not like you.” 

 An additional piece of advice is that there will not always be someone telling you what to do, so “everyone must learn to step up and make the right decisions for themselves and the company.”

 Joining Mrs. Haggerty were several U.S. Steel employees, many of whom were Duquesne MBA graduates. The panel members came from very different backgrounds but all agreed that U.S. Steel is a great company. 

One final take away – I think that the sMBA program teaches us to work hard and think for ourselves. We often have a lot of freedom in our papers and projects. In ways, this can be more difficult and time consuming, but in the end we gain much more knowledge. Based on comments from the U.S. Steel managers, this new way of thinking will be very useful after graduation.



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