Client Consulting Projects

With the end of the first semester approaching, stress levels in the cohort are rising as client consulting projects come to a close.  Each team has been preparing their findings on the Integrated Bottom Line for the past six weeks to present to top executives at Alcoa and UPMC.  Today we will have one final dress rehearsal in front of the business school faculty where each team will present their perspective of the IBL.

Most teams have chosen to present an IBL balance sheet; however, my team has taken a different route.  In a last minute decision after speaking with Dr. Williams in the accounting department, we have chosen to focus on an integrated income statement that shows how UPMC can increase revenues and decrease expenses by using sustainability initiatives.  Time is not on our side as we will be presenting to faculty this afternoon.  We have a lot of work to do before our final presentation, next Friday, to UPMC executives.

By incorporating the income statement into our project, we are able to show UPMC how sustainability initiatives such as the MyHealth Program, “green health care,” and employee wellness can help their bottom line.  UPMC’s current initiatives make them a leader in employee turnover rate, employee health, and energy savings.  UPMC East is one of only a few paperless and LEED certified hospital facilities in the country.  All of these things set UPMC apart from their competitors by increasing their image and bottom line; now it is our job to show them how to report their initiatives transparently.

It will be very interesting to see each team’s unique approach to the IBL and hear faculty’s feedback later today.  “It has been a challenge but also a great opportunity to work with such a respectable company like UPMC,” said my teammate, Charles Leventry.


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