Client Consulting Projects

The spring semester is now under way and we have just received our clients for the much anticipated consulting projects. Last semester we worked with UPMC and Alcoa c-level executives. This semester the projects are more hands on, giving us more autonomy and freedom managing the projects. Using the tools that we learned last semester in our classes and projects coupled with ideas from our reading, The McKinsey Mind, each team will solve different problems based on their clients’ needs.

Two teams are working with the Green Building Alliance to analyze the economic impact of Pittsburgh’s 2030 District Challenge and how it affects job creation, productivity, and competitiveness among American cities. The worldwide goal of the 2030 Challenge calls for all new buildings to be carbon neutral (using no fossil fuel GHG emitting energy to operate) and all existing buildings to work toward carbon neutrality by 2030. Pittsburgh was the 3rd U.S. city to take on this global challenge.

Another team will be working for Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. Phipp’s is one of America’s greenest public gardens and has living buildings as well as LEED silver and platinum buildings. Students will be conducting market research on a business development plan for new consulting services.

My team will be working with UPMC, the largest employer in the region. This project will focus on UPMC’s 400+ physician practice, clinical and outpatient locations. We will also be doing field research to determine what sustainable practices, both current and future, will have the greatest return on investment for each type of facility.

All of the teams are excited to be taking on another challenging project. We are looking forward to working with new clients and gaining experience working with sustainable practices.


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