Fall 2012 In Review

Our first semester is officially behind us. As students, we are looking forward to two global study trips, new client engagements and a fun filled new semester of classes and self-chosen electives. But before we dive head first into the new semester, let’s take a minute to review our many accomplishments from Fall 2012.

Client Engagements: Students worked for Alcoa and UPMC to provide new and exciting ideas and recommendations on the integrated bottom line style of financial reporting. Once again, Duquesne sMBA students were able to deliver great results to our clients and earned excellent reviews.

IDEO Design Thinking: Earlier in the semester, students were given the opportunity to learn a new way of thinking, ‘Design Thinking’. We had a 4-hour simulation with a wonderful facilitator from ExperiencePoint. We were tasked with fixing a real world problem by coming up with a creative solution that fit given criteria.

StrengthFinder Workshop: Our cohort was fortunate to have sMBA alumni Erin Clymer, a leadership development manager at PNC, conduct a StrengthsFinder workshop. Erin taught us how to cultivate and leverage our own individual strengths an online timed test that each student completed prior to the workshop. Our cohort really enjoyed having an alum of the program as a guest speaker for the day!

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