Student Spotlight- Daniel Gehrig

Background: Born in Canada, bred in Louisiana, Daniel is our cohort’s most avid scientist. He earned a B.S. in biochemistry at Centenary College in Louisiana in 2009. After graduation, Daniel spent a year in Nicaragua, teaching English, developing local businesses and working on a program for malnourished children. He returned to the states and worked for a biotech company, Active Water Sciences, treating frack flow-back water. Later, Daniel joined Phillips Energy Partners in Shreveport, Louisiana, a mineral and royalties acquisitions company that is active throughout the U.S.

Why Duquesne: While taking a campus tour, Daniel really enjoyed Duquesne and the Pittsburgh area. He also liked the proximity to and expertise surrounding the Marcellus Shale. Another deciding factor for Daniel was the opportunity to support research related to the oil and gas industry from an environmental science focus as a Sustainability Fellow.

Contributions to the Cohort: Daniel worked with Alcoa on the Integrated Bottom Line consulting project in the fall semester. He is currently working with his team on the spring consulting project with the Green Building Alliance to forecast benefits on regional competitiveness, as Pittsburgh becomes the third American city to accept the global 2030 architects’ challenge to improve the health and productivity of buildings. In April, Daniel will present at Sustainability Engineering 2013, a conference that brings together engineers and scientists from academia, government, industry, and nonprofits to share results of cutting-edge research on environmentally sustainable buildings and infrastructures.

Career Interest/Goals: After graduation, Daniel will return to Phillips. He aspires to a leadership role in developing the full potential of shale gas and oil in the United States and looks forward to facilitating the conversation between industry leaders and environmental groups.

Personal: Daniel likes to travel, be outdoors, and read. He also enjoys gaming and working. He is interested in public policy.


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