Sustainability Speaker- Dr. Patricia DeMarco

Last week our cohort had the honor of hosting a special guest lecturer during our sustainability class. Dr. DeMarco, the former executive director of the Rachel Carson Homestead Association, offered an intriguing presentation on energy titled Energy-Critical Issues for Business.

Her one-hour lecture condensed content from a 15-week course. It touched upon interrelated topics, including photosynthesis, human/environmental relationships, ecosystem services, biodiversity, carbon sequestration, and of course different types of energy sources. When discussing the use of coal versus the alternative source of wind power, Dr. DeMarco said, “This is a value judgment as well as an energy and cost judgment.” One highlight of her presentation was this visualization of historical sources of generated electricity generated as well as future projections, including renewables like wind and solar. With her permission, we are sharing this slide from her presentation:

demarco slide

It was an honor to have Dr. DeMarco in our class for the day. Any opportunity for our cohort to learn more about energy and how it relates to business is a great occasion!


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