Peace Corps Week: February 24- March 2, 2013

Peace Corps Week celebrates how Peace Corps Volunteers make a difference in the United States and in countries throughout the world. President John F. Kennedy signed an executive order to establish the Peace Corps on March 1, 1961, and the observation of Peace Corps Week has been celebrated during this week ever since .

Our sMBA program is a proud partner in the Peace Corps Coverdale Fellows Program. In the past five years, nine returned volunteers have used their international training and experience to serve the underserved in Pittsburgh while pursuing their MBAs in our program. We salute them for their service to our university, community and the world!

Amanda Putnam, class of 2013 (Ukraine)
Mindy Kuth, MBA 2012 (Mexico)
J.P. Gibbons, MBA 2012 (Guatemala)
Mark Kampert, MBA 2011 (Namibia)
Kris Crown, MBA 2010 (Grenada)
Lauren Eloyan, MBA 2010 (Zambia)
Kir Cha, MBA 2009 (Costa Rica)
Vananh Le, MBA 2009 (Uzbekistan)
Aaron Meyers, MBA, 2009 (Honduras)


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