Student Spotlight- Gregg Gorse

Background: Gregg, originally from Pittsburgh, PA, attended the University of North Texas where he majored in marketing. Prior to joining the sMBA program, Gregg worked on an on-campus marketing campaign internship with Chevrolet. He is also a member of Beta Gamma Sigma. Aspen Competition 2013

Why Duquesne: Gregg was interested in moving back to the Pittsburgh area, so he began searching for local universities to earn his MBA. He chose Duquesne because he was attracted to the sustainability aspect of the one-year program.

Contributions to the Cohort: Gregg was a member of the team that placed third overall at the Aspen Institutes’ Business & Society International MBA Case Competition, which was also the first team from Duquesne to be chosen for the final round..

Career Interests/ Goals: Gregg is interested in brand management for his plans after graduation. He is also interested in pursuing entrepreneurship by creating his own product or starting his own business.

Personal: Gregg enjoys anything pertaining to superheroes, the 80’s, and the Beatles.


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