Student Spotlight- Dina Siniora

DinaBackground: Born in Palestine, Dina attended the American University of Beirut where she majored in Medical Laboratory Sciences. Prior to joining the sMBA cohort, Dina worked as a medical representative as well as a teaching assistant at Birzeit University.

Why Duquesne: Dina chose the Sustainability MBA program at Duquesne because it is one of the top programs in Sustainability.

Contributions to the Cohort: In the spring semester, Dina was honored as one of the women to interview an executive that “cracked the glass ceiling” at the MBA Women International event at Duquesne. Dina is also a Fulbright Scholar at our University.

Career Interests/Goals: After graduation, Dina is interested in working in management in a Pharmaceutical company.

Personal: In her spare time, Dina enjoys swimming, basketball, camping and enjoying nature.


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