Sustainability Practicum Project Introduction

Guest Blogger: Matthew Petronko

The Sustainability Consulting Practicum Class is well underway. As we finish our degree, this is our best opportunity to apply lessons learned this year. Two weeks ago we met with our client, The Idea Foundry. They are a business incubator and a client with whom we will work. Our project is a start up that will be an international social enterprise. This is an opportunity to help embed shared value and sustainability into the organization.

First, we researched The Idea Foundry to prepare for our initial meeting. Once we learned about our project and understood our client’s goals, we got to work. The next week we had prepared a research plan and refined it with our client. We each came about it from a different angle, showing our individual tendencies. It was exciting to see such diversity and depth in our group. The mid-project review is coming up soon. We will show the results of our research and respond to what we found. This is going to be a great project.


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