Spring Consulting Projects

During the spring semester, the cohort tacked four different consulting challenges. All projects were a huge success!

Two teams worked with the Green Building Alliance (GBA) to launch the Pittsburgh 2030 District Challenge. The goal of the 2030 challenge is to improve the health and productivity of buildings worldwide by meeting dramatic energy and water consumption reduction targets. Pittsburgh is the third American city to sign on for the challenge.

My team looked at impact the economic competitiveness versus peer cities when the 2030 goals are met in Pittsburgh. My personal contribution was an Excel-based model that can be used to forecast costs and savings for the downtown district, individual properties or a comparable building in a peer city. I am proud to report that our professors are helping me trademark my model and the accompanying dashboard that I developed.

The second GBA group, also working on the 2030 District Challenge, developed a jobs creation calculator. Their charge was to quantify the economic impact when laborers, engineers, managers, etc., carry out the prescribed building improvement initiatives to reduce energy and water consumption.

A third team worked with Phipps Conservatory, one of the world’s premier botanical gardens and research facilities, to launch a landscape design consulting practice. The team identified high potential markets and recommended a value proposition, positioning strategy, and marketing plan for Phipps to advance sustainable landscaping practices while generating revenue as a social enterprise.

The final group developed a sustainability scorecard for use with the 450+ physician’s offices and outpatient clinics operated by UPMC, the region’s largest employer. The scorecard will be used to set priorities for sustainability initiatives by facility. This team also provided recommendations for engaging employees.

We are now working on fresh challenges during our capstone consulting practicum and looking forward to graduating at the end of July.

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