Professor Bill O’Rourke

Professor O'Rourke speaking at an sMBA engagement.

Professor O’Rourke speaking at an sMBA engagement.

Our cohort recently finished a course taught by Professor Bill O’Rourke on Change Management. Not only is Professor O’Rourke a facility member, he is executive director of the Beard Institute, and an active mentor for our MBA consulting project and practicum courses.

In 2011, Professor O’Rourke retired from Alcoa, where he was Vice President of Environment, Health & Safety, and Sustainability. He remains involved as a member on the Board of the Alcoa Foundation, where he teaches “Values” at Alcoa Executive Development Programs. O’Rourke earned is Juris Doctor Degree from Duquesne University, and began practicing law as a Patent Attorney at Alcoa. During his time at Alcoa, Professor O’Rourke held numerous leadership positons, including President of Alcoa-Russia from 2005-2008.


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