Student Spotlight: Jingyan Li

ImageBackground: Jingyan joins the cohort from Beijing, China.  She has a degree in Biotechnology from the Zhejiang University of Technology.  Prior to the program, she worked in human resources at Xiamen International Bank. Her daily work included booking interviews, screening potential employees, and recording meeting minutes.

Why Duquesne: Jingyan chose this MBA program for a variety of reasons.  Firstly, the one-year program attached her because she wants to graduate to pursue her career.  Secondly, she wants to supplement her education in biotechnology with business.  Thirdly, she understands that sustainability is a current megatrend. She shared that “Chinese corporations have begun to pay more attention to sustainability nowadays. They want to build up a sustainable business modules and I want to keep pace with that trend.”

Beyond Duquesne: After graduation, she wants to continue her career in the area of human resources to eventually become a HR manager.


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