What would you expect from an MBA program?

Guest Blogger: Catherine Papp

I was very wrong in thinking that it would be the lecture-style education I received as an undergraduate. When I showed up for orientation, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up because I studied German and International Relations rather than business. Much to my surprise, most of the other students didn’t study business either! In fact, the diverse educational background of all the students in the cohort is turning out to be the program’s greatest strength.

Before we even had the chance to become acquainted with one another, we were divided into groups and given a bag of Legos. The assignment: to build a prototype product and develop a business proposal for commercializing it. Talk about jumping right in with free reign!


I was impressed at the confidence placed in us to immediately produce something of value instead of just being talked at. This project not only gave us a glimpse into what to expect for the upcoming semester – like how accounting, systems thinking, supply chains, and marketing come together to accomplish a larger goal – but I learned more about how I could improve by participating than being told what to do.


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