Meet the Author of “Natural Corporate Management”

ImageOften we read textbooks for class, but forget that someone spent the time to study and write those theories.  This semester, our professor, Dr. Wasieleski, made it possible for us to meet the author of our textbook!  Last week, Dr. William C. Frederick, the author of “Natural Corporate Management,” visited our Applied Business Ethics class.

His visit to our classroom allowed for thought provoking dialogue about the relationship between nature and business. The discussion fit with the course’s purpose — to force us to think differently.   I know this discussion took me outside of my usual framework.

As MBA + Sustainability students, we see the connection between nature and business that many professionals unfortunately overlook.  Dr. Frederick reinforced my optimistic outlook when he commented that our cohort “encourages [him] to believe that progress is possible for [our] generation and future generations.”

Dr. Frederick is a professor emeritus of Business Administration at the University of Pittsburgh Katz Graduate School of Business.  More information on Dr. Frederick can be found at the following websites:


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