Alumni Networking Event


Recently, the local alumni and our cohort had a networking event at the Red Ring campus restaurant. While our program has alumni across the world, we still have a lot of local alumni, which became evident to me after seeing the turnout at the event.  This networking opportunity allowed us to take a glimpse into our future – and it is bright.

Personally, I was able to talk with Maureen Coyle, operations director at Venture Outdoors.  While at Duquesne Maureen was also the graduate assistant that created the blog, Facebook, and Twitter for our program.   I enjoyed being able to pick the brain of the person whose footsteps I am following.

My classmate Dave spoke with two other graduates, Erin Clymer and Dana McTighe. Erin works in talent development at PNC, and hired Dana as a project manager upon graduation.  For Dave, this story reinforced the value of networking with program alumni.

Another classmate Blair connected with Ashley Jones, organizational efficiency specialist at NORESCO. Ashley and Blair connected on their passion for the Net Impact organization.  Ashley started the Pittsburgh Net Impact chapter, and Blair is the current president of Duquesne’s Net Impact Chapter.  Do I foresee another networking event between Net Impact chapters?

In attendance, there were also alumni from Fisher Scientific, FedEx, BNY Mellon, and other Pittsburgh-based businesses.  It is motivating to see the impact that our alumni are having in a variety of professions. To get to our own bright future, each of us has a lot of challenging, but exciting work over the next year


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