GaBi Life Cycle (LCA) Analysis Training

Last week, Christoph Koffler, technical director for PE International, Inc., came into our Sustainable Theories and Models class to train our cohort on how to use the GaBi software.  GaBi is the #1 life cycle assessment tool, and we will be using this software as we begin our analysis of different products.

GaBi software can model every element of a product or system from a life-cycle perspective, equipping businesses to make the best informed decisions on the manufacture and lifecycle of any product, everything from a mobile phone to a match-stick to an airport.  The software is used by over 1500 companies, including Dupont, Bayer, Siemens, Timberland, Ford, Bombardier and Daimler.  Understanding LCA for products gives organizations a competitive advantage.

Christoph explained that he was willing to do any life cycle analysis comparison during his training.  One classmate, Dallas, suggested that we compare hand dryers and paper towels.  This comparison proved to be a complex analysis, and it showed that hand dryers produce more global warming than paper towels, which surprised the vast majority of us!

Throughout the upcoming weeks, each group within the cohort will do its own life cycle analysis and present their findings on two comparable products.  The GaBi training was challenging; however, we have a much better grasp of the LCA process.

To learn more about GaBi visit the following website:


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