Green Workplace Challenge Workshop Reflections

Last week, two students and sustainability fellows, Jana DiSanti and Matt Lepri, attended Sustainable Pittsburgh’s Green Workplace Challenge’s (GWC) workshop titled “First Quarter Celebration, Engaging Employees – It’s Not Scary.”   The event was hosted at the courthouse and highlighted the GWC’s leaders through an official unveiling of leader board updates.

Matt’s major takeaway was insight for engaging stakeholders as he moves forward with his fellowship duties based on what he heard during a presentation by  Zach Ambrose, the sustainability specialist for Allegheny County.  “Zach used an innovative social-media software tool to involve over 6,000 employees across 200 departments in collaborative sustainability efforts,” Matt reported.

Jana is coordinating a sustainability project for freshman in Duquesne’s signature “Gateway to Business” course.  “It was really enlightening having the opportunity to learn how diverse organizations of different scales are striving to use sustainability to serve their businesses’ specific needs,” Jana reflected.  “In our MBA Sustainability courses, the case studies presented are often outstanding instances of clear success in leveraging sustainability, which are certainly very educational in their own way.  However, I believe that there is at least as much to learn from observing organizations whose sustainability programs are not yet fully mature, as it gives us a chance to hear about the challenges, struggles, and failures, which must precede the later triumphs.  As Duquesne embarks on its first competitive season in the GWC, we will definitely want to keep taking advantage of collaborative forums like this one”.

Matt and Jana are just two of many students in our cohort doing, creating, and learning from invaluable experiences that fellowships offer our students.  Throughout the year, we will highlight more events and reflections from fellows.


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