Workshop with American Textile CEO

photoOn Friday, Mr. Jack Ouelette, CEO of American Textile, joined our cohort.  He is also a graduate of West Pont and a former military officer who worked his way to CEO of a multinational textile company after earning his MBA at Duquesne University. Mr. Ouelette showed his generosity by choosing to share his valuable time to in order to offer us professional development coaching as we quickly approach graduation.

He utilized the first portion of his time with us talking about the interview process, and debunking interview myths.  The second portion of our time together he helped our cohort prepare for presentations of posters at Sustainable Pittsburgh’s Sustainability EXPOposed convention.

One of my classmates, Ellen shared her reflections on the workshop:

“After his talk this morning, Mr. Ouellette was kind enough to play the role of a convention-attendee and offer his perspective on the cohorts’ poster presentation and networking skills.   Matt, Jana, Kyle, Angela, and I are very excited about the look and content of our team’s poster, but articulating the right information to a fresh listener in just 30 to 60 seconds was a new challenge.

I volunteered to practice in front of the class, which turned out to be more fun than  it was frightening.   After a few iterations of my pitch and some pointed questions from Mr. Oullette, I feel well prepared to represent Duquesne and the MBA Sustainability program on Tuesday.   In an unexpected turn of events, I was even promenaded back to my seat by our esteemed guest!”

This event is one of many unique workshops, speaker, or panel discussions for our students to take part in beyond our normal classroom settings. Our students have the opportunity to network with c-level executives who are invested in preparing us to enter the business world!

Be on the lookout for our cohort’s posters at Sustainable Pittsburgh’s’ Sustainability EXPOsed on Tuesday, December 10 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.  Duquesne and the MBA Sustainability program are co-sponsors of Sustainability EXPOsed, a symposium featuring Paul Hawken as a keynote speaker.


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