Fall Semester as a MBA Sustainability Student

In August, I met my thirty new classmates who were eager to begin classes in pursuit of our MBA in sustainability. Reflecting back on the semester, it is evident to me how much I have learned throughout the semester.  As this semester comes to a close today, I feel as if there is no more room in my head to learn anything else; however, I know it will keep coming and I will keep learning in January.

Since this is a one-year program, our schedule is jam packed!  This past semester we had environmental science, statistics, accounting, systems thinking, value chain & operations, sustainable theories and models, ethics, public affairs management, and our projects course with PricewaterhouseCoopers.  I know just listing all of our courses makes my head spin at time.

Accounting, the course I feared the most, equipped me with the financial background to make educated business decisions. Sustainable theories and models offered me a unique education that allows me to explain sustainable, impactful, and cost-saving business solutions.

Were the courses challenging? Absolutely! Would I do it again? Without a hesitation! As our cohort finishes our  finals we reflect back on the difference this one semester has made, and I cannot even begin to imagine the difference that this year will make in our lives.


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