Allegheny County Department of Human Services Case Competition

In mid-October four students in our cohort participated in the annual Allegheny County Department of Human Services Case Competition. Graduate students from universities across the city in various disciplines participated, and the Donahue School of Business was the only business program represented in the competition.

The year’s competition focused on the development of the next generation of the work force. The question they sought out to answer was “How can DHS attract, develop, and maintain a well prepared and effective work force in the years to come?”

We are very proud that one of our students, Stephen Sumpter, was part of a team selected for the final round of presentations and finished in second place. The team included two students from Carnegie Mellon University, and a student from the University of Pittsburgh.

The proposed solution included working with the Pittsburgh Promise to promote careers in human services to local graduate choosing to attend college in the Pittsburgh area. Students would then apply for a position in a program dubbed “The Pittsburgh Promise Pipeline” and work to complete a two year internship program and potentially qualify for placement at DHS following graduation.


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