Student Spotlight: Ellen Yates

Photo on 2013-08-30 at 15.08 #2Before Duquesne:  Ellen attended the University of Pittsburgh where she majored in Urban Studies and English Writing.  Her primary work experience is in copy writing for the web.  She was part of the inbound marketing team at Growing Tree, an online toy retailer.  She applied that experience to a business development position at the Mad Science Supply and Surplus Store, the social enterprise arm of Literary Arts Boom, a children’s writing program in Garfield.  Currently, she is working with another Penn Avenue Arts organization, called Bunker Projects, to organize their financial information into a year-end report and develop a membership campaign.

Why Duquesne: “First, I wanted to stay in Pittsburgh, because I think the city has a bright social and economic future. Pittsburgh is small enough that one person can make a serious impact. Duquesne’s competitive price, AACSB accreditation, and reputation were all factors in my decision.  But the program’s focus on sustainability is what sold me, because I agree with that business is one of the most efficient tools for achieving social change.”

Beyond Duquesne: Her long-term goals are to create her own socially oriented enterprise to improve the lives of employees, customers, and people in Pittsburgh. After completing her MBA, she would like to start out working in the field of real estate development and management, as a manager or as part of a project development team.  Alternatively, she is also interested in internal and external corporate communications.


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