Experiencing Germany

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Tomorrow the majority of the cohort will embark on a journey around the world to enjoy a spring break study trip to Germany!  Professor Tom Nist and Dr. Matthew Drake will we showing us the best of Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Darmstadt, Stuttgart, and Cologne.  As always, the cohort will have time to enjoy the culture of Germany, and see sites in the various cities; however, the schedule is also jam-packed with learning experiences through with various German organizations.

The trip will allow us to visit P/E International, the maker of Gabi software we used in Dr. Sroufe’s Sustainable Tools and Processes.  Additionally, we will have the opportunity to connect Pittsburgh to Germany by visiting Bayer whose US headquarters is located in Pittsburgh.  Of course, our finance professor Tom Nist will be fitting in some time for us at the European Central Bank and Deutsche Borse.  On our last day, we will visit FOM University in Cologne.  Make sure to like our Facebook page to see live photos of the trip!


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