Passivhaus Institute

1797994_583548705074796_1463370414_nGuten tag! Our business visits began today with a visit to the Passivhaus Institute, an international standard for sustainable architecture. At the institute, Passivhaus employees focus on research and development, training, certifications, passive house planning software, quality assurance, and conferences.

There are about 400,000 Passivhaus certified buildings in the world, and even more implement Passivehaus principles in their buildings. It is a growing trend in the US with 600 passivhaus buildings, mainly in New York and California.

What’s special about a passive house?
– A high level of thermal insulation
– Well insulated window frames
– Thermal bridge free construction
– Airtight building envelope
– Ventilation with efficient heat recovery


Matt Lepri had the opportunity to attend a Passivhaus conference in Pittsburgh last semester, so he was excited for the rest of the cohort to learn more. “Passivhaus gives people a new way to plan for buildings, homes or any construction,” shares Matt. “It flips the usual process to develop a plan for the structure first, then use renewables to cover the rest of the energy. It takes buildings past planning for solar panels.”

Our presenter, Adrienne, lives in a passivhaus building and shared many of the benefits, including “clean air” and an “energy savings between 75-90%”.

Overall, we had an eye-opening morning that may lead students to potential solutions for our sustainable building design project in Dr. Sroufe’s sustainable tools and innovation class. Video to learn more about Passive House!


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