Revisiting Heidelberg

By Catherine Papp
Some things never change. Finding Heidelberg’s cobbled streets and red roofs just as I remembered them from my semester abroad could not have evoked stronger sentiments or more pleasant memories.
It’s not just because Heidelberg is breathtakingly beautiful (the most beautiful I’ve found in all of my worldly travels, and if you look at the pictures I don’t think you’d feel it’s my bias talking), nor is it the rich history (one of the oldest buildings still standing and functional is the Ritter Hotel, built in 1592). I can’t even say it’s the romantic castle upon the hill watching over the city, where I would take a book to read in the gardens. Rather, nostalgia was having a cup of coffee at the same cafe I would frequent to people-watch, walking past the Brass Monkey where I spent endless hours watching the 2010 World Cup games, and seeing the record shop that I may have personally kept in business while building my Queen record collection.
More than anything, the best part was getting to share it with the old friends from my time there and my new friends. I can’t think of any other group of people I’d rather share my experience and excitement with than the cohort.


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