Alison Meets Snow

As winter TECHNICALLY comes to an end and we celebrate the first day of spring, Alison shared her thoughts on the white stuff we call snow!


“After living the last two years in the tropical climate of Nicaragua and growing up in temperate Georgia, I wasn’t sure what to expect for my first ‘northern winter’.  The first time it snowed I was elated! It was October and there were still golden leaves on the trees. I ran outside and made my friend take pictures of me in front of my snow-covered car.  While the novelty having to unearth my car every time I wanted to go anywhere wore off quickly- the beauty of snowfall has yet to become old to me.  To the dismay of my classmates, I still shriek with excitement everytime I see a snowflake fall outside our classroom windows.  Spring is officially three days around the corner now, and I’m probably the only person in Pittsburgh secretly hoping for one more snow.” – Alison Etheridge


One thought on “Alison Meets Snow

  1. Alison, I totally understand your elation when first seeing snow. (You may remember that I spoke to Dr. David Wasieleski’s class last year.) I was born and raised in Arkansas where it never snowed after February. But when I was in Belgium during WWII, I was shocked when snow began falling in April — I couldn’t believe it! April snow?? It made me want to be back in Arkansas! Good luck with your sustainability studies. William C. Frederick, Professor Emeritus, Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh.

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