Internal Aspen Case Competition


Two weekends ago our cohort competed in an internal case competition, specifically the Aspen Business & Society International MBA Case Competition.  Each group of four had 72-hours to complete a thorough analysis of the case in order to develop a implementation plan to address the problems outlined in this years case.  The competition allowed us to step into a real-life, time-sensitive situation that demanded an integrative decision, similar to the real-world situation we will be faced in the business world.

Our cohort, in addition to more than 1,000 students at 25 business schools tackled this year’s brand new case study, authored by the Yale School of Management, requiring innovative thinking at the intersection of corporate profitability and positive social and environmental impact.

Just last Friday, local judges listened to each presentation and examined each paper to determine an internal winner.  We are very proud of the internal winners: Fan Ding, Derick Florian, Peter Kassouf, and Angela Petitto! Additionally, we would like to congratulate all eight student teams for creating extremely competitive deliverables in such a short-period of time!



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